Wednesday, July 06, 2005

At ease man!

I have been noticing, especially on long walks, when I have lots of time to think, that I am becoming more at ease with the potential disaster that faces us.

Like many of you readers, I have been on a self-taught, mini-internet-based-peak-oil-seminar since March when I first became aware of just how ‘impending’ this crisis is. I have learned that there is much for which to be hopeful. The alternatives are out there. Biodiesel from algae, Solar-Zinc-air batteries and the new high energy dense, fast charging Lithium Ion batteries are portable energy alternatives to gasoline that can be produced in equivalent quantities to gasoline.

Coal and Nuclear energy can and will fill the gaps we get from the missing petroleum from the grid. We have enough coal for 200 years at present consumption. Nuclear will make a comeback, especially if we are to be doubling our national electrical output charging up all those cars and trucks.

There is much to be optimistic about, but I do not think that is why I am feeling more at ease. These alternatives hinge on one thing: that we get moving right now on developing the new infrastructure. It should be all too evident that this is not getting the attention it deserves. Very likely, the realization will come very late in the game. It will be rough on us climbing out of that hole, but climb out some portion of us will.

That, I think is partially were my burgeoning sense of ease lies. Primarily, however, the sense of control I am getting has come from my pushing my own envelope. I am realizing that I will survive this and probably bring a few along with me. Getting that Walton feed order was a big relief. Provided fire or an earthquake does not take the building in the near future, there will be food and there will be water. I am learning archery; in fact bought a good bow and arrows today. I have been playing with snares. I have been continuing my self-defense studies in earnest. I have been eating and exercising like our Paleolithic ancestors, and find that I am feeling quite healthy these days. Finally, by staying involved with my fellow humans via my volunteer work at the Emergency Department, I am able to keep a sense of connectedness with people in the midst of their own catastrophes.

There is something to be said for covering one’s bases, for planning for lean times, for practicing what one might do in a variety of emergencies. It makes you feel that you have at least a little control in an increasingly out of control world.

[update 7/10]
I am also feeling the urge to relax my bleating and feeling like less like a Cassandra as the notion of peak oil becomes more mainstream. In addition, I am seeing evidence that the ruling neocons’ tightly bound ball of yarn is beginning to unravel, and the little kittens that are doing the unraveling are the republican party itself and the long slumbering mainstream media. I love it, and like any true Cassandra, I knew it would happen all along.


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