Friday, June 10, 2005

Paleolithic diet

I am going to begin an experiment. My studies In the Peak Oil phenomenon, like many of us willing to think about it, have lead me to contemplate what it would be like to experience a complete collapse of everything; economic, societal, food distribution etc. What would it be like to suddenly find ourselves existing, in not only a pre-industrial world, but even a pre-agricultural world. This is how we lived, anthropologists and others, say for 99% of our existence as a species.

This curiosity, combined with the end of semester/vacation excesses, weight gain, lethargy etc are compelling me to find out the effects of applying a Paleolithic diet and activity level.

I know I am being extremely vague, but I am figuring this out as I go along. I have taken the before photos and will be tracking various biomarkers over the next ten weeks before the new semester begins.

Today I will eat what you see in the above photo and will walk about five miles. On the theory that Paleolithic people walked a lot, my daily walking goal will eventually be ten miles, with spurts of upwards of twenty. If I need it, I am also going to allow myself one day a week to follow the ‘normal-early 21st century-urban-American man diet (minus the booze).

In addition, since this is only marginally about Peak Oil, I am going to create yet another blogsite to chronicle this experiment and will post a daily invitation over here at Gone to Croatoan.



Anonymous Ran said...

You probably know about the paleolithic diet books, like The Paleo Diet and The Paleolithic Prescription. There's also some good info at the Weston Price site. And a great book about paleolithic exercise is Play as if Your Life Depends on It by Frank Forencich.

Good luck!

6/10/2005 2:34 PM  

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