Wednesday, June 08, 2005

About the DailyKos

Aside from the fact that the DailyKos is a premier liberal blogsite, what makes it so dynamic is the sheer volume of readers and posters that visit every day. With many a ‘we’re not worthy!’ bows to the talented Markos Moulitsas, the site’s founder, much of this phenomenon originates from beyond his efforts. By opening the front page to all who want to post a diary or a comment, the Daily Kos allows anyone to express themselves to a wide audience. This means that on well-viewed diaries, you are likely to see several hundred comments, some silly, but many that will provide an alternative viewpoint, or further information. Some 'Kossacks’ have even become collaborative and have been quite helpful, for instance, in the ongoing investigation of Jeff Gannon/Guckert - the homosexually inclined fake reporter and escort of an, as yet unnamed, high ranking member of the Bush Cabinet(IMHO). This volume has created brand recognition that some well-known left-minded politicians are coming to appreciate; Sen. Barbara Boxer, Rep. John Conyers and Rep Louise Slaughter regularly post diaries and yesterday we saw Senator Edward Kennedy post a dairy on the Downing Street Memo.

Because of its volume, the DailyKos bleeds into areas beyond politics and to areas where Mr. Moulitsas himself, is not necessarily interested. ‘Have at it,’ he says, ‘Write your own diary or even start your own blog.’ Springing from the DailyKos is a collaborative political encyclopedia and a page devoted to restoring democracy to the house. Many of the more prolific diarists have gone on to create their own sites.
(Booman Tribune, Liberal Streetfighter, The Next Hurrah, Steve Gilliard, Bilmon)

Among the many categories at the DailyKos is the category of ‘energy’, which collects and preserves the various diaries pertaining to the Peak Oil phenomenon and alternate energy posted to the site before they vanish from the screen. It is here that you will often find me when I start day.


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