Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Mission Statement

This is an exploratory process for me. Originally, this blog was to be a web-based way for me to collect my observations and my experiments with living beyond the peak; an online diary for me to refer to. In the end, it may remain only that, because I am not going to be giving people any more than just one invitation to read, and the list will be rather short.

To me, the bread and butter issue with Peak Oil is largely that - food. When you realize how our food gets to us and how utterly dependant we are on petroleum to make and deliver this food, you can see what fools we have been to allow ourselves to be so dependent on a hopelessly limited resource. Oil permeates our lives like our little friend above, a victim of the Exxon Valdez. I will not be going into an exhaustive treatise into the evidence for Peak Oil, its short and long range effects. Others, more capable than myself, are already doing that well. I will post links on the front page as I come across them or provide links within my own articles.

A month or so went by after the epiphany of our demise (salvation?); a month, for me, of survivalistic foment. It was difficult. I am sure my grades in school experienced a temporary dip as I tried to rewire myself. Before long, I realized that we have had the answer in front of us all the time. It is my contention that we will be saved, on many fronts, by embracing our Paleolithic roots. We have lived this way for so long, it is what we are. The whole flirtation with a cheap and abundant energy source like oil was, unfortunately, just that, a flirtation - 100 years out of one million; unfortunate, because I still have dreams of the stars.

We could represent the past million years of our human existence in length, let’s say 10 meters. In terms of football field length, that is a little more than from the goal post to the 30-yard line. Look down the field to that line and now look down at your toes. Four days of fresh toenail growth of the big toe would arguably amount to one millimeter. This represents the effective length of the industrial revolution, that little piece of toenail.... It really has not been that long a time.

I also submit that humankind will run the entire length of the field. There is no doubt. Will your genes be part of that mix?


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